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I use design with product marketing to
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I'm Allyssa πŸ‘‹

I'm a designer and a marketer with a passion for storytelling.

My sweet-spot is right between product marketing and content marketing, coupled with a design and brand focus and a strong desire to communicate with customers and partners alike.

Ideas tend to wake me up at 3am.

I am a:

  • ✨ Storyteller
  • ✨ Visual Storyteller (street name: designer)
  • ✨ Writer
  • ✨ Product + Customer Evangelist
  • ✨ Strategist and Critical Thinker
  • ✨ Presenter + Conversationalist

TL;DR – I like turning otherwise complex concepts into digestible content through design and/or writing.

πŸ”Ž Areas of Focus

The truth is I ✨specialize✨ in a lot of areas because I love learning new things and I've worked in mostly SMB's that required me to take on new skills. So here we are...

That means you get a designer and a marketer with a strong background in design, product marketing, marketing automation, creative strategy, content marketing, and front-end web development.

Oh yeah 😊


Product Marketing

Content Marketing




🧰 My Tool Chest

My tool chest is full of different skills I've acquired over the years.


I have a decade plus of experience under my belt crafting, designing and when applicable, front-end coding visuals for landing pages, website redesigns, collateral, branding guidelines, tradeshow graphics, internal docs, slide decks, social media, marketing campaigns, and even good ol' employee swag. My design background allows me to see both the visual and functional side when creating campaigns and driving qualified leads to a website, app download, tradeshow booth or event.

Product Marketing

Developing differentiated, persona-focused positioning, strategy and messaging for B2B and B2C products and solutions is my jam. I love to research and craft buyer personas that can then be applied across marketing content and campaigns as well as internal training materials. I'm highly focused on providing sales enablement, product strategy, analyst presentations, case studies, competitor battle cards and more to internal and external stakeholders. Psst: I am also Level II certified from Pragmatic Institute.

Digital Marketing

For the last 8 years I've been immersed in the brainstorming and the executing of inbound and outbound marketing strategies based on personas or verticals. I use my design background coupled with my love for storytelling and desire to learn to create unique and high-performing campaigns that fit a company's goals, product and above all else – budget.

Marketing + Brand Strategy

I use my design background coupled with aspects of product and content marketing to convey a brand's image using well-written and strategic messaging and visuals. From employer branding to job description language, to internal communications to customer conversations, to video content and more. I deliver strategies that factor in a company's employees, market, customer base, product and competition while also being authentic to who they are.

πŸ“Œ Spotlight

How to Share New Product Features With Your Team and Customers Early and Often

Congrats! You’ve successfully built and shipped a bug-free feature of your product.

Feels great right? But now you need to share it with the team, your customers and oh snap brace yourself! Here comes another round of new features to announce in next week’s release.

Welcome to a fast-paced high-growth startup! β€” did I get all the buzzwords in?

So what do you, the product marketing team, do in this situation?

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πŸ““ Writing Samples

I enjoy researching and writing about topics ranging from SaaS solutions to industry buzzwords and everything in between. I wrote and designed each piece of content below.

Press releases, blog posts, case studies, and other musings can be found on my blog.

πŸ“„ High-Level SaaS Solution Overview

This overview was created for sales reps and account executives to send when talking to prospects about a specific product solution targeted for SMBs under 100 employees.

View Overview

πŸŽ™οΈ Explainer Video Script

One of many video scripts I created for Propel's explainer video series. I also wrote the video storyboard. I also interview and shoot customer testimonial videos.

View Script

πŸ“– eBook

This eBook was one of three used in a gated content partnership with Salesforce aptly called The PLM Buyer's Guide.

View eBook

πŸ“ Customer Case Study

A case study that highlights why Formlabs chose Propel over a legacy solution and which proof points they've experienced since switching tools.

View Case Study

✨ Design Portfolio

Once a designer, always a designer.

I'm grateful to have worked on some incredible projects over the years. I've also been known to succumb to late night inspiration and redesign things no one asked me to redesign. Those are also included 😊

See more work on Dribbble and Behance or find a design sample over here for download.

Podcast Logo

Logo Design

Coffee Shop

Brand Identity

Propel Branding

Brand Guidelines & Identity

117 Project

Merchandise Design

1Password Concept

App Design

πŸ’¬ Contact Me

Want to say hey? Let's do that Twitter 😊

Or if you'd like to connect about your next project, please fill out the form and I'll be in touch as soon as I can.

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