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Maintenance, and Management

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HubSpot Design and Marketing Certified

I'm a HubSpot developer available for freelance or contract work. I have been working with HubSpot for three years and I am HubSpot design and marketing certified. Not only can I create HubSpot templates I can also read and understand existing code to find and fix bugs. I have also been working with HubSpot CRM for the last 18 months. I am able to create and implement workflows, create and edit existing forms, create/track email campaigns, and tailor and customize lead scoring to fit your metrics.

Just some of my capabilities

HubSpot CMS

  • Mobile-ready landing Pages and site pages
  • Custom CSS files to fit your branding
  • Smart content to fit certain audiences or personas
  • Nav Bar management, Url Redirects
  • A/B Testing
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Presence and updates via Google Search Console
  • SEO-strong pages and blog posts
  • Powerful call-to-action buttons
  • Analyze ROI of ads
  • Social media publishing and streams
  • HTML and plain-text emails
  • Optimized email campaigns

Workflows and Metrics

  • HubSpot tracking
  • Lead flows, forms and third-party apps all integrated within workflows
  • Lead scoring based on your goals
  • HubSpot campaigns and url tracking
  • Custom JS events that integrate into your reporting
  • Custom filters based on the marketing funnel
  • Reports broken down by persona or event
  • Customized forms per persona or campaign

HubSpot CRM

  • HubSpot Marketing tied into HubSpot CRM
  • Custom dashboards with specific filters
  • Special contact views
  • Documents and presentation management
  • Custom JS events that integrate into your reporting
  • Filters based on the marketing funnel
  • Email sequences and templates
  • Pipeline management

Basically what I can do in HubSpot

  • Create a landing page or email using the design manager (HTML, Template Builder, CSS)
  • Connect forms with proper campaigns and tracking urls.
  • Create custom JS events and tie it all in with the reporting tools to build special reports for teams
  • Create custom dashboard based on different metrics
  • Custom design HubSpot forms using CSS
  • Create/maintain workflows, smart/static lists and lead flows
  • Create/maintain campaigns (connected to proper landing pages, blog posts)
  • Create/maintain lead scoring (can also tie this in with Zapier)
  • Manage domain, content settings, url redirects, advanced menus
  • Content management within the blog side
  • Smart content on landing pages/site pages
  • Create/maintain automated and scheduled emails
  • Custom HubSpot modules and groups in design manager
  • CRM filters for sales teams
  • CRM campaigns tied in with the marketing side
  • CRM Documents management (collateral, docs, etc)
  • Deals management, creation, filters
  • CRM Email (sequences) and templates
  • Import leads into the marketing and/or CRM side
  • Analytics and reporting on both the CRM and marketing
  • Manage users, billing and HubSpot settings as a super admin

Can I work with you?

You bet! Tell me more about your next project.